Sakaki Tarou


Belial chats with Sakaki, who turns out to be an old ‘friend’. Drama with Humor, I-3

Sakaki Tarou paused on his way across the grounds of Rikkai Dai to visit his contemporaries on staff, and watched the junior high tennis team practicing. This team was always worth watching, but this time something specific caught his attention. Something about them had changed, since the last time he’d observed these players. It was most notable in Yukimura-kun, and Tarou sighed faintly as he contemplated the inherent disorder of what he was seeing.

"Taken," a light voice stated next to his ear.

A Small Problem

Aziraphale comes looking for Crowley. Humor, I-2

It was a beautiful day: the sunlight was warm and the bleachers reasonably comfortable, and his host didn’t have a match with Atobe for at least another half hour. Crowley stretched and yawned, supremely content with just how good life was.

It really was a pity that things were about to get so complicated.


Sakaki gets what he wants. Drama, I-3

It was not, Tarou reflected, unusual for Keigo to sit in the window when he and his coach were discussing the tennis club. Tarou gave him that much latitude, because Atobe Keigo’s willing obedience was a valuable thing. Normally, however, he paid proper attention, no matter how he lounged.


Sakaki meets an old acquaintance. Drama, I-3

He was, Keigo reflected, getting better at spotting the angels. It was something in the way they held themselves, apart from any mortal excitement around them. At a place as excited as the courts hosting Nationals, they stood out. The one that seemed to have caught Kantoku’s attention today, though, was a bit different from the usual run.

The Devil Went Down to Hyoutei

Mad Hatter tempts Ohtori and tweaks Sakaki’s nose. Drama with Humor, I-2

Someone had claimed the practice room ahead of him; the plaintive notes of a violin filtered dimly through the closed door, flaunting his reserved 5:15 to 6:15 slot in Ohtori Choutarou’s face.

The Finest Things

Atobe deals with some trouble among his officers. AU, Drama, I-3

"How badly were Taki’s forces defeated?" Tarou-sama asked, evenly, eyes
on the men passing him.

"Completely," Keigo reported, keeping his voice dispassionate, no matter
how much he wanted to grind his teeth with frustration. "They would
have lost two out of three, had we been in the field."