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One of the creators of Tennis Sanctuary, particularly the Seigaku thread.


A bit of Tezuka’s family background. Drama With Humor, I-2

In one of the few speeches Kunimitsu’s father made that Kunimitsu’s grandfather approved of, the man declared, "Everything is about connections – who you know, you notices you, and especially who you can rely on." His grandfather had declared the rest of the speech to be garbage, but that was hardly unexpected.

On Playing with the Angelic Host

Tezuka’s rules about angels. Humor, I-2

Tezuka adjusted his glasses and gave Ryoma the quiet, grave look that meant that the boy had done something that was not, as it were, directly forbidden, but that Ryoma certainly should have known better, given his buchou, the world, and the heavenly host. "Echizen," said Tezuka calmly, "What have I told you about dealing with the heavenly host?"

Unexpected Visitors

Michael encounters Setsuna at Fudoumine. Drama with Humor, I-2

“I thought all of you left,” Setsuna continued. Despite his words, he was smiling easily, standing in his favorite slouched position. “So what’s up with you being here?”

“Belial is playing with souls, and I don’t want him to get a lot,” Michael replied shortly.


Ryouma makes some suggestions to Lucifer. Humor, I-2

Ryoma was sitting on the porch at home when a tall man strolled into the yard and stood in front of him. He decided that the man was probably someone that he could get along with…or, rather, someone that he wished played tennis.


Tezuka talks to relatives about his problems. Drama, Humor, I-2

“Pfft. You make me feel old. I’m Hiiragizawa Eriol, though you’re free to call me ‘uncle’ if you like.” Something about Eriol’s purely friendly smile made Tezuka uneasy. He wasn’t sure precisely why he wanted to have a wall at his back at the moment, but he forced himself to ignore the urge and go on.


Eriol visits Hyoutei and makes Atobe an offer. Humor, I-1

Hiyoshi noticed the stranger first, and decided that he’d regret it for the rest of his life. This was especially true since the last time a stranger had appeared on the courts, Jirou had run off with him and there had been some business about an antichrist, the explanation for which Hiyoshi was determined to ignore.

The Dangers of Boredom

Someone takes an interesting walk. Drama, I-2

He supposed that he should be doing something more active than walking down the street, but with all the confusion lately, he didn’t see that he had many options other than to entertain himself. After all, Ryouma was busy testing his limits on his own somewhere, and all his other playmates seemed to be wandering off in the wake of the Nationals.


Ryouma takes a vacation. Humor, I-1

Ryouma nodded politely to the group that had gathered at his request. Several hundred years was enough to let someone get used to the same faces and personalities, he’d found, and so he knew almost every one of the assembled very, very well. Especially since he’d played tennis with them for several hundred years. He tugged at his cap, a habit that even death hadn’t been able to banish, and sighed.