Yaru, Part Two

Ryouma comes to terms rather abruptly with the reason he’s clinging to Tezuka. Drama with Romance, I-3

At first, it had been a matter of chance, really.

Yaru, Part Three

Tezuka finally loses his battle to stay detached. Romance, I-3

Kunimitsu resigned himself to the knowledge that he had just welcomed all the interest and chaos and trouble and thrill that Echizen trailed after him like a too-long scarf into yet another part of his life.

Yaru, Part Four

Tezuka and Ryouma achieve some closure. Romance with Porn, I-4

When Tezuka’s tongue still only flirted with his, Ryouma nipped at it, and then made a pleased sound as Tezuka’s low laugh vibrated down the whole length of his body.

Yaru, Epilogue

Tezuka and Echizen settle in with each other. Romance with Drama, I-3

“But, really! I never thought, in a hundred years, Echizen would actually catch him…”

The Direct Approach

Ryouma finally catches Tezuka. Humor, I-3

He hadn’t just been making excuses when he told Lily that he couldn’t come to Echizen’s “Hi, I’m Dead Too” party, as the man had called it.