Ryouma makes Moonlily an offer. Humor, I-1

Echizen Ryouma fully admitted that he was a simple person with simple wants
and simple ways of getting them. This was probably the reason why he’d
ended up meeting with what he was told was one of the more stable Grigori,
and why he was just going to read the proposal to her and send her off with
a copy. Ryouma smiled slightly at Moonlily and began to read.

“To whom it may concern. Echizen Ryouma proposes for those Grigori who feel
an interest that they claim their own place in the emerging realm of heaven/hell.
Echizen Ryouma has been assured by the Lord of Hell (hereafter referred to as
“Lucifer”) and one of the Great Angels (hereafter referred to as “Raphael”)
that a neutral realm in the midst of the current political chaos could be quite
useful, and because of this support, he feels confident enough to extend an offer
to those previously referred to (ie, the Grigori.) Echizen acknowledges that his
place could not be solidified until his death, but in the interests of protecting
those Grigori who are of a mind to avoid being relegated to uncomfortable positions
in heaven or hell, he chooses to establish his domain before he can properly oversee
it. If any Grigori finds a place in the current administration untenable, that
Grigori is invited to live in the future area to be called Sampras. Echizen offers
a place both to those Grigori who wish to continue domestic service and those
who wish to branch out on their own, provided that they are prepared to work in
community with others. Any Grigori accepting the offer also accepts that he or
she lives under the conditions of Echizen Ryouma’s contract with heaven
and agrees to a pact of nonviolence towards all parties in heaven, hell, and Assiah.
Should there be no interest in such a contract, this offer will extend to non-Grigori
on a case-by-case basis. Sincerely, Echizen Ryouma.”

Moonlily blinked at Ryouma, then smiled. “It’s a nice letter. I’ll
show it to the others and we’ll talk about it.”

Ryouma nodded, smiling slightly. “I hope you decide to help. I do want to
make a neutral place where people can be comfortable in heaven.”

Moonlily nodded and left with the letter as footsteps sounded behind Ryouma. Ryouma
didn’t bother to turn. “You didn’t mention that it also guarantees
you an established base and a staff if they take it up,” Raphael said.

“They’ll figure it out themselves,” Ryouma said dismissively.
“And besides, I will need a staff, and the ones who will be staff will be
the ones who choose to be anyway.”

“Your generosity is stunning,” Raphael said dryly.

“Thanks,” said Ryouma absently.

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