Karupin has some issues with Ryouma’s new realm. Humor, I-1

Echizen Ryoma had two loves in his life. (Actually, he had three, though he would
never admit it, at least not until the said third love stopped playing so damned
hard to get.) Anyone from the Seishun Senior High tennis club could tell you the first one: tennis.
Any of them could also tell you the second: his cat. So no one said anything when
Karupin started to tag along on some of their practice days.

It was one of those days, and everyone was changing in the clubhouse. Fuji was
asking how Echizen’s afterlife recruitment plan was going.

"Fine. I think the mansion’s tennis courts will be finished ahead of the
schedule. I’m thinking about adding another tennis center in the south."
Echizen sounded satisfied, and Fuji nodded.

"Are you adding any gardens to Sampras?" Fuji asked, and Karupin suddenly
tensed, letting out a low hiss. A few seconds ticked by, and Karupin remained tense.

"Your cat doesn’t look very happy," Fuji observed mildly.

"He’s been doing that a lot lately," Ryoma replied, irritated.

"Are you going to take him with you to Sampras when – " Fuji started,
only to be stopped by a sharp hiss. Fuji closed his mouth, stared at the cat for
few moments, then continued. "As I was saying, when you go to Sampras – "

Karupin screeched shrilly, every hair raised on his arched back. Fuji’s lips twitched

"I think I know what’s wrong with your cat."

"What?" Ryoma sounded exasperated, as he carefully stroked Karupin’s
back, trying to calm him down. It didn’t seem to be working.

"Echizen, I think your cat’s angry because you didn’t name your place after

"Huh?" Ryoma turned to look at Fuji, a dumbfounded expression on his

"He does that every time you mention ‘Sampras,’" Fuji said cheerfully
as Karupin hissed sharply. "See?"

Ryoma turned his attention back to Karupin, who looked ready to bite off his hand,
and considered something briefly.

"How about a compromise?" Ryoma asked. Karupin twitched his tail skeptically.
Ryoma leaned closer to the cat, and started to talk.

Land of Sampras, many years later

"Welcome to Karupin Mansion, sir," the Grigori at the door said.
The man nodded. In his arms, a spotted Himalayan mewed smugly.

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