Winry Rockbell

Ever – Chapter Two

Ed makes the decision to continue protecting his brother. Drama, I-3

Ed leaned in the doorway, smiling, relaxing. Even after a year to get used to it the sight of Al in his proper body was enough to wipe away his darkest thoughts.

Ever – Chapter Three

Everyone starts to see the shape of the future. Drama, I-3

A slow and slightly crooked smile took over Maas’ mouth. He leaned against Roy’s shoulder for a second. “You’re too soft hearted for this business, Roy.”

Ever – Chapter Six

Ed learns the price that playing can cost. Drama, I-4

Ed was silent for a moment. “What do alchemists do?” he asked at last.

Winry blinked at this apparent non sequitur, but Al understood. “Alchemists work for the good of all,” he recited, eyes shadowed.

Ever – Chapter Eight

Ed’s family want him to pay attention to the rest of his life. Drama, I-2

When she dragged him out the door he had thought they might at least go shop for reasonable things, like a supply of screws in thirty-one sizes or a new lathe. But no.

Morning – Three

How Roy and Ed deal with the way Ever ended. Drama With Romance and Porn, I-3.

Ed supposed there was some reason for the concern. Ed spent at least half his time at Roy’s house instead of his own. His conversation had become peppered with Roy’s comments even in the man’s absence. And now Al was wondering whether his big brother was about to get his heart broken for him. Al thought that way.

Closed Circuit

Al wakes up, restored. Not all the news is good, though. Drama with Angst, I-4.

He and Nii-san were going to have to come up with whole new equations to talk about what had happened to him and probably some new technical vocabulary too. The thought steadied him, and he smiled.


Al visits home and tells everyone about how his studies are coming,
and Rose talks sense to him. Drama, I-3

Al ignored the rattle of the train wheels to scowl over his notebook, certain at the bottom of his heart that his notes weren’t going to do him any good. Plenty of people wrote about the Stone, but as far as he could tell no alchemist, in four hundred years and more, had written down anything about the Gate. Given his own experiences, he supposed he couldn’t blame them, but still…! And Sensei must agree that his books were a dead end, or she wouldn’t have loaded him on the train for a visit home without a single book to his name except one volume of poetry he’d bought a year ago and hadn’t opened since.