Great Minds

A Belial and Fuji moment. Humor, I-2

Character(s): Fuji Shuusuke, Mad Hatter

"Ah, there you are."

Shuusuke looked up to see the more flamboyant of Seigaku’s recent visitors
perched on a tree branch that overhung his way home. Mad Hatter, Tezuka had
said this one was called. The ruffled and striped figure leaped lightly down
from the tree.

"One was hoping to speak with you."

Shuusuke took a precautionary step backwards. "Is there any particular
reason I should ignore a friend’s warning in order to talk with you?"

"None at all," Hatter answered cheerfully. "In fact, one was
rather hoping to wind your captain up a bit, by doing this."

"You have some reason to dislike Tezuka?" Shuusuke asked, cooler

Hatter widened his eyes. "Not particularly. One simply likes to watch
people squirm."

Shuusuke smiled for real. "Ah. Well then. It’s a lovely summer this year,
isn’t it?"

It wasn’t that he discounted Tezuka’s cautions, but a kindred soul was a rare



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