Ministers of Grace

Lucifer passes through Seigaku and Hatter spots Fuji. Humor, I-2

When the Lord of Hell and what had to be his strongest supporter appeared
at the courts, Kunimitsu took a prompt and firm hold of Fuji’s arm. Keeping
one eye on his visitors, he escorted the startled Fuji over to Ooishi.

"Ooishi. Don’t let Fuji near those two," he directed. With a glare
to keep Echizen right where he was, as well, Kunimitsu approached the intruders.

Lucifer arched a brow. "Well. It’s been a while since I met one of your
bloodline. Though I do recall it was one of you who last lived long enough
to notice Alexiel and I coming back around. Odd man; very strange sense of
humor. Interesting theory of magic, though."

"What do you want, here?" Kunimitsu asked. It didn’t do to get distracted
from the point when talking to demons.

"Actually, I was looking for Michael." Lucifer eyed Kunimitsu. "I
don’t notice his influence. And Michael is generally about as noticeable
as they come."

"He was here; I declined his offer. I suggested he visit Fudoumine."

Lucifer laughed low in his chest. "And your courts are still unsinged.
Maybe he really is growing up. We’ll be going, then."

"So soon?" Mad Hatter murmured.

Kunimitsu took a step to the side, putting himself squarely between Mad Hatter
and Fuji. Hatter smiled at him in a disturbingly familiar way, and he narrowed
his eyes forbiddingly. No demon was getting its claws into Fuji’s soul.

Fuji was more than enough trouble without that.

"Are you sure you didn’t take on the charge of Greed, as well as Pride?"
Lucifer asked, sounding amused.

Kunimitsu relaxed as they left, relieved. At least until Fuji spoke from behind
his shoulder.

"Tezuka?" He didn’t have to turn around to know there was a glint
in Fuji’s eyes. "What was that about?"

He stifled a sigh. Dealing with demons was so much easier.