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Watari takes advantage of the situation. Humor, I-1

Watari narrowed his eyes; there was only one reason why the workaholic would not be at his desk during the office hours: a Tsuzuki-related accident. Watari stalked to Tsuzuki’s desk and examined the mess for clues, until a memo on top of the file caught his eyes. The slight frown of concentration changed to a look of understanding, then that of fierce determination, and the next moment, he was gone from the office.


Karupin has some issues with Ryouma’s new realm. Humor, I-1

Echizen Ryoma had two loves in his life. (Actually, he had three, though he would never admit it, at least not until the said third love stopped playing so damned hard to get.) Anyone from the Seishun Senior High tennis club could tell you the first one: tennis. Any of them could also tell you the second: his cat. So no one said anything when Karupin started to tag along on some of their practice days.