Kyouraku Shunsui


Ukitake reports on disturbances in Tokyo. Humor, I-1

Juushirou contemplated the blank page for a long time, marshaling his thoughts, before picking up his pen and beginning to write one of the most improbable reports in the history of Soul Society.

Chocolate and Flowers

Byakyua watches Renji and Rukia, and tries to plan a future. Drama with Maybe Romance, I-3

For a long time, Renji had walked at his heels, as if tame, always watching but never challenging.

He was no longer tame, and thus became worthy of consideration.


Ukitake and Kyouraku discuss the general success of their plans. Drama, I-2

Juushirou took a distracted sip of sake, and paused as the taste on his tongue reminded him that he’d been going to stop. He gave his friend a rueful glance.


Rukia and Renji, and, in fact, most of Soul Society, prepare; plotting continues. Drama with Romance, I-3

He looked up at her with entreaty. “Are you sure I can’t just stay the third morning?”

Seven, Eight, Lay Them Straight

Yamamoto wants some captains back. Hirako doesn’t trust him a bit. But there are other people who have a stake in the argument, and he has a harder time saying no to them. Alternate storyline, because if KT really intends to break them up, well I’m just not having with that. Drama, Character Study, A Bit of Fluff, I-3

Hirako Shinji sat very still on one of their salvaged couches, eyes fixed on the dapper First Division vice-captain standing calm and collected in front of him. “He wants us to what?”