Ukitake Juushirou


Ukitake reports on disturbances in Tokyo. Humor, I-1

Juushirou contemplated the blank page for a long time, marshaling his thoughts, before picking up his pen and beginning to write one of the most improbable reports in the history of Soul Society.


Knowing the history of Byakuya’s promises, Rukia makes one of her own, and hopes Renji can accept it. Drama with Angst, I-4.

A subtle softening passed over her brother’s face. Nothing so overt as a smile, but Rukia brightened to see it. I’ll make our house proud, she assured him silently. I will. I promise.

Stare at the Sun

Renji catches a glimpse of Rukia dealing with her own new position. Drama with some Angst, I-3

It was good to know she hadn’t lost any of the edge off her vocabulary after all those years in a noble house.


Ukitake and Kyouraku discuss the general success of their plans. Drama, I-2

Juushirou took a distracted sip of sake, and paused as the taste on his tongue reminded him that he’d been going to stop. He gave his friend a rueful glance.


Rukia and Renji, and, in fact, most of Soul Society, prepare; plotting continues. Drama with Romance, I-3

He looked up at her with entreaty. “Are you sure I can’t just stay the third morning?”